Grow With Us!

Kids' Carpentry is Expanding! Consider these ways that you can become a part of the Kids’ carpentry Program:


Become A Teacher. We are always looking for excellent and qualified candidates interested in becoming a Kids' Carpentry teacher. Read what it takes (below) to build a teacher, then contact  Kids' Capentry Director, Michael Glass for more information. 


Become a Kids’ Carpentry Licensee. This is an exciting time of growth for the Kids’ Carpentry brand. Why not consider operating your very own programs? For information about obtaining a Kids’ Carpentry license, contact Michael Glass today.


Host a ProgramKids’ Carpentry has been running successful programs in schools and recreations centers for over thirty years. If you are interested in hosting a program, contact Kids’ Carpentry.




  • 4-7 ft. of human being
  • 1 Lb. of character
  • 1 Lb. of humor
  • 1 Handful carpentry experience
  • 1 Heap of respect for children
  • 40 Hours of individual training
  • 6 to 12 Weeks of co-teaching



  1. Take your four to seven feet of human being and spend forty hours in a one on one training environment. Teach them how to build Kids' Carpentry projects. Introduce them to all of the Kids' Carpentry tools and safety procedures. Have the teaching candidates bring their humor, character and respect to each meeting.
  2. Spend six to twelve weeks in the classroom with the new Kids' Carpentry teacher. Teach them how to safely manage a classroom of 7 to 10 young and enthusiastic carpenters. Teach them to identify the children's individual needs and address them in a lighthearted and productive manner.
  3. Put them in a classroom of two to four children so they can develop their own teaching style in a safe and manageable environment.
  4. Upon completion of training program, stamp the words, "Kids' Carpentry- tested and approved", on their forehead.
  5. Stand back from the new creation and be confident that the new teacher will always - "build confidence and teach with respect in a safe and happy environment."


Contact Kids' Carpentry

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