Kids' Carpentry at Work!

New students are required to first build a simple sanding block, which introduces them to basic carpentry skills and gives them an immediate sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The sanding block is also a tool they will use when sanding subsequent projects. Next they usually build their own Super Top project. This group endeavor serves to introduce a wide variety of tools and basic carpentry skills. Once basic proficiency is achieved, the range of projects the children can choose from also increases.


Each Kids' Carpentry teacher carries a large number of sample projects. Students copy these projects and add their own personal touches, such as a custom paint job or additional features.


As our carpenters develop further, we heartily encourage them to build projects based on their own personal needs and imaginations. This progression enables the Kids' Carpentry curriculum to grow with our students' interests and skills.


Student Projects

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More than just building projects, it's also about having fun together!

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