Alice Sampson - Denver, Colorado

Alice Sampson, a long-time Colorado resident and recently retired educator, brings her passion for creating and her love of teaching together in Kids’ Carpentry Colorado. Alice, who taught for more than 25 years in the Aurora Public Schools, is a firm believer that hands-on experience is the most effective and fun way for a child to learn.  Alice is experienced in carpentry and not a stranger to teaching safety with wood and carpentry tools; ten-plus years ago she began bringing woodworking into her classrooms. These student projects range from small and individually focused learning opportunities to a large-scale, group-built geodesic dome for the school’s courtyard. Alice is always looking for unique ways to engage students in learning. 


A few of Alice’s personal projects include building a kayak and sailing the South Pacific for a year as crew member, navigator, cook, and mechanic. She is all about your children learning safely and joyfully while gaining basics carpentry skills. She is passionate about helping children learn the essential life skills of thinking for themselves and aiding them in increasing self-confidence.


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