Casey Nutt

Casey Nutt  was born and raised in Berkeley, growing up sailing and fishing off of the Berkeley Pier and honing his building and design skills as a student at Kid's Carpentry. Casey went on following his passion for building and became the set designer/builder for his highschool. After highschool, Casey did a lot of traveling, and eventually wound up at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, where he received a degree in boat design/construction/restoration. For the past seven years Casey has worked as an independent shipwright. 


Casey has also pursued his other passion of learning and teaching primitive survival skills. When he's not working with Kid's Carpentry, Casey is running around in the forest with kids making bows, skinning animals, starting fires without matches. Or he's out on the water in one of his many boats, sailing, fishing, and having a generally good time. Casey lives on a large boat and is feeling more and more like the sea is his true home. 


Casey is a committed teacher. It's something he wakes up excited about in the morning. Helping Kid's learn to problem solve and deal with challenges is the most satisfying work he feels he can do. He's excited to return to Kid's Carpentry in the role of a teacher.


  Casey Nutt will be taking the Winter off from teaching


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